Week End Cruise - Siracusa
One Day Cruise: Riposto-Siracusa-Riposto

A week end rich in history & culture: Syracuse.

A perfect relaxing Week End cruising among the most beautiful bays of the south coast and discovering the origins of Greek Culture in Sicily. You can reach the city of Syracuse, among the Unesco's World Heritage List, and the Plemmirio Protected Marine Area (AMP). The marine park stretches from Punta Castelluccio, an offshoot of the great harbor of Syracuse, throughout the peninsula of Maddalena. The history of this site in fact is linked to that of the great harbor of Syracuse, the center of trade and war of  the classical age Mediterranean. Along the coast you can appreciate the beauty of calcareous rocks with their suggestive caves formed by centuries of erosion. But the most intense emotions that you can live is visiting the underwater environment, with its rich variety of flora and fauna.

The city of Syracuse was once one of the largest and most important in Western Civilization, and its long history and strong culture means there’s still a lot to see and do here. Classic sights like the Ortygia, Neapolis, and the Basilica of Santa Lucia are always worth a visit, but if you’re looking for something a little more offbeat, take in a puppet theatre show. Opera dei Pupi performances (like the plays Pinocchio was a part of) are a traditional form of Sicilian entertainment. And while there’s no chance of one of your marionettes becoming a real boy, a puppet still makes for a great souvenir. The stunning Fonte Aretusa was once the source of the city’s drinking water, and now the pond and surrounding area is a scenic spot, perfect for a picnic lunch. Many shops sell delicious arancini (rice balls) and slices of square Sicilian pizza for take-away. And for a little dolce? You can’t leave the island without trying some of the world-famous cannoli (cannolo is the singular word, but let’s be honest, you’re going to want more than one!), crispy pastry filled with sweetened ricotta cheese. The Fonte Aretusa is also the sport where locals like to gather for their after dinner walk, a leisurely stroll where the goal is to see and be seen.




Humidity: 83%

Wind: 11.27 km/h

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Additional Info

From Porto dell'Etna (Riposto) - Saturday at 11.00 a.m.
At Porto dell'Etna (Riposto) - Sunday at 6.00 p.m.

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